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Storytelling for educators

Narrative is part of how the human brain works, so it makes sense for educators to make use of story in their work. We run workshops for both teachers and students at higher education and university level that train skills and ability to construct content for their projects, presentations and speeches. We also help teachers to incorporate storytelling into their lesson plans.

Our workshops , lasting from 2 hours to a full day – can consist of both content creation and skills development. Content workshops apply storytelling principles to a given project the student is working on. This means that ideas can be clarified and ways found to express them that improve the quality of the project.

“A highly inspiring workshop, tailor-made for our BA students’ process of developing Entertainment Education intervention strategies for real clients. Highly inspiring. Highly appreciated. Warmly recommended.” ~ Kersti Wissenbach, Lecturer Communication and Media, Windesheim Honours College, Zwolle

We also give skills classes that give students vital education and practice in how to formulate ideas and express them in an engaging way. Given the focus on presenting, this will be of benefit to whatever course the student is undertaking. Students gain confidence, and feel supported by classmates who are happy to be engaged.
We recommend storytelling for the following subject areas:

•   Communications
•   Marketing
•   Design & Architecture
•   Business & Management
•   Organisational studies

However, we are adaptable. We recently took a class on the Philosophy of Time for the Students of Den Haag Hogeschool, asking them to envision and relate perceptions of time from different periods in history. It was a blast!

“Simon is the best in what he does. I have never seen someone to keep my attention in that way he did.” ~ student in service design at Den Haag Hogeschool

For teachers and professors
The skills of the storyteller can be of great use to those at the front of a class. As a storyteller, you will become adept at using narrative to demonstrate principles, adopt our techniques for engaging students as well as locate enthusiasm for any given topic. All of these can enhance your qualities as a professional.

We’ve given coaching to speakers at TEDxAmsterdam and top business leaders, who we have supported in making great presentations. Academics who have attended our workshops have found they have been able to communicate the enthusiasm that underpins their dedication and hard work. For those speaking regularly at conferences, a workshop could greatly aid their ability to engage and speak from the podium.

“I’m really delighted how things came together. Your feedback was just what I needed.”
~ Joe Gebbia, co-founder AirBnB, speaking at The Next Web conference.

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