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Haven’t we all got something to say?



Everyone is a Storyteller is both the mission the intended realisation of Words That Change.

Everyone is a storyteller because we are communicating our story all the time. For leaders, organisations and teams however, we want to influence the stories that are told around and about us.

That’s where storytelling comes in.

Storytelling is not just the creation of a story, but setting up a process to help that story become part of the community around you: whether colleague, business or senior managers. Through storytelling you learn what your intrinsic motives are for the task you are undertaking, and how these relate to the motives of people around you. How can you communicate and relate to their needs better?

I run consultancy and implement storytelling processes for professionals and companies around Europe. I have worked with the likes of ING, MVO Nederland, The Hub in both Amsterdam and Helsinki, and Joe Gebbia, co-founder of AirBnB.

With my team, we are able to clarify and help implement your story – a sort of content strategist, with a community-based mentality.


Why should you have a story?

Well the business community has been increasingly throwing around words such as authenticity and trust, and grounding the story you tell in what you know to be true and what naturally inspire you helps you to generate confidence and inspiration in others. When applied at an organisational level – with everyone competently sharing their perspectives based on inspiration and sound business sense, then stories lubricate the internal communication of a company. You do not have to leave it to expensive media or advertising campaigns – you create a living story through people joining and interpreting your story on their own terms.

And that generates quite substantial value – in terms of well-earned employee engagement – that will generate decentralised promotion of your company, right from your employees.

How else is Everyone a storyteller?

  • Leaders become powerful promoters of universal value that inspire their employees
  • Teams become aligned and better communicators around a shared vision
  • Entrepreneurs build community around their service and product
  • Coaches able to help people more deeply listen, and get closer to the heart of what people want through story
  • Communities become closer by sharing what they care about and collectively desire
…they will also be more motivated to bring about positive change in their communities.
I list these benefits because I have seen stories do this work, and in some cases helped generate those stories myself.
If you’d like to know more, or run a workshop together, please send me an email simon@wordsthatchange.nl
And soon . . . 
I’ll be launching an online community, where people can share and learn each others’ storytelling practices, attend online courses and learn to run workshops in their area.
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