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Story training for conference speakers

How will your events be remembered?

Tune up the inspiration of your event with story coaching for your speakers – for the PCOs in the MICE sector

Every event you organise will leave a lasting mark. The thrill of a crowd enjoying insights that will further their business and the opportunity to form powerful relationships mean the experience of a good conference hard to match. We are here to make that memorable impact go that much further.

Every conference its list of speakers. Sometimes these are professionals, sometimes these are business leaders whose daily job is not speaking. It is this second group we would like to support.

AirBnB’s co-founder Joe Gebbia speaking at TNW 2013

As professional storytellers in both art and business, we know how to find the emotional keys to any story – and any storyteller. Our clients include Philips, ING, TEDxAmsterdam, Irdeto, and Royal Institute for the Tropics (KIT). We tell stories at all levels of business because stories bring alive what really inspires and motivates.

We’ve been telling stories in business for the last 3.5 years, after a background in corporate communications. We have given workshops to over 1700 people throughout Europe and worked one-to-one with speakers from TEDxAmsterdam, Mediatrust UK and the likes of AirBnB co-founder Joe Gebbia.

With these business and thought leaders we were able to build on inherent strengths, re-focus content and work on presentation on stage. With a storytelling mindset, we work on what is most human, engaging and relevant in each presentation and also find ways to increase audience interaction.

MIT’s Amy Lee Robinsn at TEDxAmsterdam

Our desire is to increase the quality of leadership storytelling – because it has such a huge impact on business culture. By becoming more personal and passionate, it is possible to motivate larger audiences, in turn making them more passionate about their work.

Flexible service mentality
What gives us an edge is our service mentality. In a wide variety of sectors we tailor training programmes, workshop content and design tools that fit precisely with customer contexts. For example, we can design a package of one-to-one sessions and workshops, arrange meeting spaces, hold Skype calls (for international speakers) and provide on the spot coaching on the day. We want to make our skills available to you in whatever way is best for you and your partner client.

Increasing your conference impact
As a speaker coach with TEDxAmsterdam for last two years, we have helped raise the standard of speaking across the programme. All our trainees were leaders in their field, with varying levels of speaking experience. We could work with each to:

  • structure presentations
  • bring our emotional highlights
  • integrate and consolidate core themes

Speaking was therefore raised across the board and it is this that gives us our added value. By dedicated one service team to your speakers, you can increase the broad-based impact of speaking at your event, furthering central event goals.

Change.org’s Global Communications Director John Coventry speaks at Mediatrust’s Create, Connect, Change 2014 conference

Mediatrust is an organisation dedicated to upgrading communications in the UK’s non-profit sector. As well as being a past keynote speaker, we travelled to London to provide coaching to the speaker’s for their 2014 Spring conference called Create Connect, Change. Travelling across London in the weeks proceeding, we were able to meet organisation directors in their places of work making it optimally convenient for them.

See if your conference partner would benefit from the same service, and the same quality of coaching and see the inspiration of the conference tuned up. Grab us for a meeting, or visit us at our Freedom Lab office in Amsterdam.


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