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Storytelling for Business in Helsinki

The storytelling workshop is arriving at the Hub Helsinki on 20 September to unleash a whirlwind of charasmatic storytellers on the social business community.

Everyone has a storyteller lurking inside them and when this is put to business use it can dramatically improve the presentation and communication of your business. You may know what your business does – but what makes its activities meaningful?

Providing meaning to business services is what can actually motivate a customer. By employing you, they are creating or fulfilling a purpose in their lives. By adding meaning, or rather uncovering the meaning that is already inherent in your business activity, you are more likely to deeply motivate the people buying your product, and more likely to motivate them to tell your story.

This workshop has been develop amongst the social and sustainable business community in Holland and is now hitting the road to reach a wider audience. Its format provides a way for people to create a story based on their activities. As well as its applications in business communications, it is also useful for professionals to get clear on where they are at in their career and what steps they need to take. It will also help them hold professional conversations that speak from a deeper place of motivation within them.

It is this place of motivation, of personal that the workshop helps to uncover. In the company of colleagues on different and similar paths, it also presents a space for combined inspiration.

Take a look at the flyer and please share this event on Facebook, in case someone in your network is interested in coming.

As well as the workshop I will be making the most of my time in Helsinki by holding consultancy sessions at the Hub, meeting social entrepreneurs and storytellers and holding the next leg of the Finding Folk Stories in the capital of one of the world’s most outstanding storytelling countries.





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