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In a world of noise, quietness rings loudest


A connection is a precious thing and using words to find them a delicate art.

There is so much text in today’s society that constructing attractive, deeply resonant words, becoming less recognised – even as it becomes more effective. It is effective because taking this long to say anything engenders a great deal of trust in the reader, and this is rewarded with an improved relationship.

We need quiet writers. We need people who listen and who can provoke listening in others. A quality of attention given by the writer, provokes a similar response in the reader. Loudness is dying as a tactic and while it may get high volume, it is quick to pass by customers by. It may get traffic, but it will make less psychological imprint. The people who would like to read and understand, are more likely to take your business further.

Words That Change works with stories and words that use, and therefore to capture, high quality attention. We work with speakers, writers and teams to bring out their stories and create meaning between you. We also deliver many of those words ourselves.

As such we are specialists in team building, ideation, organisational alignment, speaker coaching and copywriting. All of these are linked by a common thread: to prize quietness over noise and bring more meaning into business.

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