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Everyone’s a storyteller – Workshop 23/2/2012 Amsterdam


Drive your work by what you love, and tell the world about it!

A workshop for entrepreneurs and professionals given by Words That Change
23 February, 10.30-17.30
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Sign up: simon@wordsthatchange.nl
Booking deadline: 31 January 2013
Place limit: 16
Cost: 240 euros (Hub members 180 euros)

Storytelling is the practice of becoming aware of what you live and love, made relevant to your target audience.

The Everyone’s a storyteller workshop will power up the conversations you have every day with what really drives you and by what your audience finds meaningful. This is not only a basis for communications, but can organise all your business activity. You won’t just tell your story, but live it!

Amongst other things you will learn to:

  • Engage your audience in every conversation you have with them, online or offline
  • Identify the key ingredients of your business or professional story
  • Create a bullet-proof pitch
  • Spread your story by getting others to tell it
  • Discover the psychological basis of story to give it more power
  • Be confident when speaking in public

This ground-breaking workshop is like none you have done before, and is for both those new and practised in the art of entrepreneurial storytelling. It is facilitated by storyteller and entrepreneur Simon Hodges, who first presented the format at the Hub Amsterdam, and has since added to it  his insights and experience gained through travels, workshops and contact with businesses around Europe.

For more on his approach to storytelling see this video.

Remember to book before 31 January 2013 by emailing  simon@wordsthatchange.nl
Only 16 places available.

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