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Consciousnessnessness – an invitation to deepen

First published at the Hub Amsterdam’s Hubdate.

‘Conscious business’ refers to businesses thinking things through afresh. It often entails people working together better, considering their environmental impact and investigating more deeply into the purpose of the project. This investigation often means that the ‘Whys’ of conscious business move away from ‘because it will make me money’ to ‘because I love it’, ‘because it helps’ and ‘it makes me and other people happy.’

‘Conscious’ is a word that can inspire so much and reveal so little. For our purposes here its meaning is ‘awareness’. There’s a danger of heaping behind this label a load of activities and lose sight of what makes them worthwhile. It’s also possible that we can fixate upon its tools and techniques instead of embodying the awareness that brought us to them in the first place.

Waking up the Workplace (see article) shows us a way of keeping an open enquiry whilst sharing findings as the go. In their new course they will be introducing and empowering participants to enact what they (both coaches and participants) see as the best way of doing business. One of the course’s themes is how people can communicate the socially or environmentally enlightened practices without getting hung up on specific language or techniques.

It’s so important that this becomes our central activity: to deepen awareness in what we do and bring this awareness to wider communities of people. Conscious business is no longer a choice, and nor is the requirement to keep what we are doing rooted in an awareness of what truly benefits ourselves and the planet.

To precisely name what that means runs the risk of shutting doors on frontiers that could be opened. In a sense it is greater care and attention, as well as bringing presence to what we do and being available to an intelligent creativity that overcomes critical issues with imagination.

The Hub has an astonishing diversity of practitioners, operating locally in Amsterdam, across the Netherlands, Europe and internationally. Some of us engage people on a one-to-one basis, others look to transform whole organisations. Some are non-profits, others generate substantial revenue. Some focus on the perfect way to create and deliver cookies, others calling in the conversations that herald the next wave of sustainable business. There’s no hierarchy in these scales: each conscious intervention creates a possibility of impact. Our work becomes the interface where we challenge each other to think differently, always more lightheartedly, as we get serious about doing business consciously.

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