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Storytelling with the 60-day Challenge entrepreneurs

Simon and a bunch of new storytellers

Simon with 60-day challenge entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Amsterdam

The Impact Hub has been running its 60-Day challenge for the last 5 years. For the last three, we’ve been invited to deliver a workshop which focuses the entrepreneurs on their story.

The course contains entrepreneurs making great changes in business: to how people are managed in organisations, clothes sourced and produced, care provided to the elderly and how communities organise in cities.

The energetic and inspired entrepreneurs enter the programme with their business idea and then spend two months refining and honing it for launch. At the core of this development is the refinement of their story.

A story is much more than what we say or do. It unites our communications with our activities. It is the heart of building a brand that others will recognise us by for perhaps years to come.  And it all starts with our intentions now. The Words That Change story process goes deep into participants’ natural inspirations that will form the driving force of their business success. This inspiration is already there, but our job is to help them awaken it so they can better express it. The learning process make them more aware of where their inspiration lies so that they can articulate it better. This forms a solid basis for communications online, in print or in person.

It is such a pleasure to work with such committed, innovative and inspiring people. As an extra for the 60-dayers we added a game on public speaking, which trained participants’ capacity to be present in front of an audience. Time was also available for practice and feedback in the room, meaning that the entrepreneurs could develop and test their story rapidly. They finished the afternoon with it well on the way to taking shape.

Talk to us about making a similiar experience available for your team or network.

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