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World Fashion Apartments

WFA- logoWorld Fashion Apartments supplies dream-like accommodation to busy travellers the world over.

Other than using the US spelling of the word ‘apartment’, WFA stands out because they do everything to an excellent standard. Their apartments are swelling in number and can be found in more and more wonderful locations around Europe. Amsterdam serviced apartments represent the largest group in their portfolio.

We’ve been very happy to be along for the ride. Over the last few years, Simon has produced texts for their website, for their holding company Skyreach Relocations, and has been on call to write sales emails and brochures. You can see the last of these efforts here.

It shows what can happen when individual projects turn into a continuous supportive relationship, improving the language of our clients’ operations in all aspects.

They say nice things: “Simon has been a great support for us as a writer over the years. His professional and creative work have enhanced our marketing campaigns. He is simply great to work with!” Dimitrios Kales, Business Development and Marketing Manager


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