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Triodos Head-Heart Impulse for Entrepreneurs


The progressive bank Triodos has built an outstanding reputation in creating financial services that benefit society and the environment. By offering the services of a standard retail bank but focusing its resources and financial management on people and planet the bank has not only created an impressive degree of impact, but also a burgeoning client base, anxious for banking that not only does less harm, but actively does good.

The group’s Head-Heart Impulse (in Dutch Hoofd-Hart Impuls) programme looks to ferment this progressive culture in entrepreneurs. Drawn from a wide variety of social, ecological and cultural institutions, a day was created in January for their inspiration and progress in the field. Hop, Step and Leap were the geniuses who created the day, and pulled in Words That Change for a storytelling workshop.

The 3-hour workshop focused on each leader’s personal story – how they became who they are today, and how this story can be used as a valuable addition to the organisations’ overall story. When a leader’s story is in place, both employees and clients have a valuable anchor into the core motivations in that organisation. A whirlwind three hours took the leaders through crucial points on their own lives and answered questions related to social business storytelling – ending up in a finale of a selection of speakers.

The workshop was created in collaboration with Hop, Step and Leap who added ingenuity, experience and logistics support. The workshop was part of a longer learning trajectory organised for the entrepreneurs.

What: Leadership story workshop
Who: Triodos ‘Hoofd-Hart’ entrepreneurs, in collaboration with Hop, Step and Leap
Where: Villa Augustus, Dordrecht, Netherlands
When: 14 January 2016


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