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Interactive story journeys at the Other 2016


Simon speaking at The Other conference, picture ® Marije Strijbis

Simon speaking at The Other conference, picture   Maartje Strijbis

E-motive is an international learning exchange between the global North and South, resulting in knowledge flow that improves development in both directions. Witness, for example, the Dutch dairy farmer who picked up tips in treating his cows from an Indian colleague, thus lessening their needs for antibiotics.

The Other conference brought together practitioners from all over the world for an inspiring, intense day of meeting and learning. Words That Change was responsible for a workshop and keynote speech that shared principles of storytelling amongst both beginners and sophisticated practitioners.

Rather than a conventional keynote speech, the end of day talk was turned into an interactive story journey for 150 delegates – not just providing an insight into story, but an insight into their own story. The talkshow format meant that the room felt included rather than spoken to, meaning we kept our promise of getting the most story out of any situation we’re found in.

Photographs and feedback will follow

What: 90 minute workshop, 45 minute keynote speech
Who: E-motive exchange including participants from Oxfam Novib and NCDO
Where: The Egg, Brussels
When: 21 January 2015

Story workshop participants at The Other, picture ® Maartje Strijbis

Story workshop participants at The Other conference, picture ® Maartje Strijbis

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Thanks Simon for an amazing storytelling workshop at Windesheim Honours College in Zwolle. A highly inspiring workshop, tailor-made for our BA students’ process of developing Entertainment Education intervention strategies for real clients. Highly inspiring. Highly appreciated. Warmly recommended. ~Kersti Wissenbach, Lecturer, Windesheim  Honours College, Zwolle


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