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Who we are

Words That Change is a collective of storytellers, designers and writers who can be put to work at the service of your story. We have trained thousands of storytellers in business over the last four years, and supported projects at leadership and senior management levels.

Through assignments that discover, build and train stories in a range of sectors, we also encourage storied thinking: a way of seeing and a way of being in business that creates instant emotional connection and builds inspired communities .

Simon Hodges

Director, Words That Change

Simon is a storyteller, writer and entrepreneur who began Words That Change in order to invigorate language in business and use story to transform company culture. He is still a long way from completing this task. His workshops and speaking engagements inspire as well as inform, mostly with the idea that everyone is a storyteller. With a host of big name brands and corporate communications jobs behind him, his desire with Words That Change is to realise the great tasks that business can be in the 21st century.

He is storytelling trainer at TEDxAmsterdam, has run workshops for over 4000 people and is a writer and speaker on storytelling and cultural change in business and wider society.

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“The talk was superb. I’m really delighted how things came together. Your feedback was just what I needed. Many thanks again!” ~ Joe Gebbia, Co-founder of AirBnB, supplied with storytelling coaching for this presentation at The Next Web conference 2012


I spent a brilliant time with a group of corporate leaders in the Autumn. Having organised a pitching competition, they wanted a little storytelling help, so I came in to enjoy their company. Now I must tell you, this was a very analytic division of quite an analytic company.  Being much more at ease in the creative […]

What to expect at the Media Trust story training for non-profits on 4 December – to which you can sign up here. It’s rare now to see non-profit organisations talking only about themselves. Instead they are becoming very good at telling the stories of other people: the ones that speak for themselves about the good […]