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Yogi & Yusef

Packaging writing including slogan and deepening overall brand concept for Yogi & Yousef 100% natural dates.

Dates, it turns out, are hard to describe. Surprisingly, people just don’t know they are reading the word ‘dates’. This is because they usually can see the dates, something which Yogi & Yousef’s packaging concept did not accommodate. They wanted to sell their dates like chocolate bars – because the content is so fantastic.

This packaging writing for Yogi & Yousef’s brand of delicious dates worked because we made it blindingly obvious. With deep work on concept, customer envisioning and brand positioning, Words That Change wrote the words for the packaging. In the end, humble to our craft, we decided that less was more and took as much writing off the packet as we could.

The client liked us for it – turns out they are doing quite well.

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