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Your story of 2016

Still clarifying your story for the New Year? Our story cards take a look back and a long look forward to uncover your desires and express wishes for the coming year.

This formula of questions was prototyped and tested with our learning group on 9 December, and we hope you find it a simple, intuitive way to unlock the story amongst the successive mayhem of a long year.

Download your story cards here

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Who we are

Words That Change is a collective of storytellers, designers and writers who can be put to work at the service of your story. We have trained thousands of storytellers in business over the last four years, and supported projects at leadership and senior management levels. Read more

Philips Design

As Editor and Publications Manager at Philips Design, Simon worked as part of a team that produced articles for the newsletter new value by Design, as well as for the annual design collection.

Below is a selection of articles to which he was the main contributor:


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Community is a social impact investor and thought leader in its field. They provide advice for those looking to invest and bring together social impact investors to develop a community which holds so much potential for advancing economic, social and environmental welfare.

Our articles for them are focused on thought leadership and best practice in social impact investing.

See PYMWYMIC portfolio.



Let us create a story with you that excites passion, simplifies complexity and builds movement around your business or project.

We can work with you on core concepts, and support the launch of your story into writing. You can also bring us in for particular projects to create a story that moves audiences in the direction you want.


Philips Design
Little Chicken


A great story moves your idea from inspiring to actually happening.

We train storytellers for TEDxAmsterdam and top leaders worldwide. Our aim is to support you in packing as much insight and emotional punch into the great ideas you need to generate and share

Check out our open workshops, bring us into your business or talk to us about larger scale training operations where we turn your whole team or organisation into storytellers.

Philips Research
ABN Amro
Open workshops
Young in Prison
Circle Economy


Douwe Egberts Sara Lee

Douwe Egberts Sara Lee is a globally recognised brand delivering onsite coffee solutions to businesses and consumers. To publicise their international conference in 2011 they created a newspaper of the day, written by us, which consisted of a dozen articles interviewing leaders and capturing the day’s main themes. It was delivered within five days.


Dean Kaden


Dean Kaden is a reportage photographer based in London with  a charisma that illuminates as well as captures the best of his subjects. His hyper-modern, dynamic style has a way of getting to the truth of the composition.

His website was a pleasure to write.


NT2 Exam training

NT2 Exam training is a collaboration between Pimental Communications International and Katakura WBLC. We supplied a text for their English website and wrote a brochure for them, to enhance sales to their target base of expats working at large companies.

Field Research

Field Research is a specialist in collecting data for academic research. Their highly concentrated target audience needs a language that speaks to their needs, while at the same time conveying the passion and professionalism that Corina Negru, FR’s Director, brings to her work. Working in collaboration, we produced text for their website and a sales letter.

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“The talk was superb. I’m really delighted how things came together. Your feedback was just what I needed. Many thanks again!” ~ Joe Gebbia, Co-founder of AirBnB, supplied with storytelling coaching for this presentation at The Next Web conference 2012


I spent a brilliant time with a group of corporate leaders in the Autumn. Having organised a pitching competition, they wanted a little storytelling help, so I came in to enjoy their company. Now I must tell you, this was a very analytic division of quite an analytic company.  Being much more at ease in the creative […]

What to expect at the Media Trust story training for non-profits on 4 December – to which you can sign up here. It’s rare now to see non-profit organisations talking only about themselves. Instead they are becoming very good at telling the stories of other people: the ones that speak for themselves about the good […]