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Cultural Responsibility of Language | Conscious Connection Magazine

Elevating our quality of language has the potential to transform businesses and community through expecting greater responsibility from the listener. An article published for Conscious Connection Magazine.

One of the gifts of social media has been its ability to pull out of us an immediate spontaneity. Those who succeed on social media are alive to what they experience and pull a creativity out of themselves that is restricted by strategy or being too carefully thought through.

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Water for life

This blog post is an entrant into the The Masdar Engage Blogging Contest. To help me win please vote for it on the contest page and tweet, like and share it as much as you can on the contest page itself before midnight 3rd January 2013. This will not only get me to a massive water conference in Abu Dhabi it will also help spread awareness on vital water issues worldwide.

Humanity’s relationship with water that is both simple and complex. 95% of our bodies consist of water and as well as for  hydration of the body we need it for its psychological, therapeutic and cultural effects. We also use it in industry in energy production, manufacturing processes and extracted from the ground, sky and sea. Our water use affects every ecosystem on Earth, and says a great deal about our attitudes to the planet and to life itself. This article is a broad sweep through three areas where we can transform water use and the change attitudes to this life-giving element.

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“The talk was superb. I’m really delighted how things came together. Your feedback was just what I needed. Many thanks again!” ~ Joe Gebbia, Co-founder of AirBnB, supplied with storytelling coaching for this presentation at The Next Web conference 2012


I spent a brilliant time with a group of corporate leaders in the Autumn. Having organised a pitching competition, they wanted a little storytelling help, so I came in to enjoy their company. Now I must tell you, this was a very analytic division of quite an analytic company.  Being much more at ease in the creative […]

What to expect at the Media Trust story training for non-profits on 4 December – to which you can sign up here. It’s rare now to see non-profit organisations talking only about themselves. Instead they are becoming very good at telling the stories of other people: the ones that speak for themselves about the good […]