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New World Fight Club

New World Fight Club is powerful band of professionals that enable companies to become more responsible in their work. Their key weapon is innovation: they put teams through design thinking processes to enable them to come up with powerful solutions to complex challenges. They work at the heart of companies and their clients include Tommy and TomTom.

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Yogi & Yusef

Packaging writing including slogan and deepening overall brand concept for Yogi & Yousef 100% natural dates.

Dates, it turns out, are hard to describe. Surprisingly, people just don’t know they are reading the word ‘dates’. This is because they usually can see the dates, something which Yogi & Yousef’s packaging concept did not accommodate. They wanted to sell their dates like chocolate bars – because the content is so fantastic.

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Holland Gulf Chamber of Commerce

The Holland Gulf Chamber of Commerce facilitates business development between the Netherlands and the Gulf countries. Organising trade and promotional events it creates links between businesses in both regions, improving the business environments of both.

Our work for them is as native English editors for their website and brochures.

Hub Amsterdam

The Hub Amsterdam is a vital network and collaboration centre that brings together people working in social business, or seeking to add a social dimension to their business activity.

Simon writes for and edits the monthly Hubdate and is part of a group working on the Hub’s communication strategy.


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“I really enjoyed your final session! Within a few minutes I had shared my joy, sadness, doubts, and fears with a complete stranger and (without going over the top) made a few life affirmations. All this before I even knew his name or his organisation. Needless to say- it was one of my favourite endings […]


I spent a brilliant time with a group of corporate leaders in the Autumn. Having organised a pitching competition, they wanted a little storytelling help, so I came in to enjoy their company. Now I must tell you, this was a very analytic division of quite an analytic company.  Being much more at ease in the creative […]

What to expect at the Media Trust story training for non-profits on 4 December – to which you can sign up here. It’s rare now to see non-profit organisations talking only about themselves. Instead they are becoming very good at telling the stories of other people: the ones that speak for themselves about the good […]